Current Teams
CLC by ZimaGear

Our top team is made up of Charlotte's best players. These are guys who played at a high level in college and subscribe to the idea of playing for a competitive club after college. They travel regionally and nationwide to play tournaments competing in the highest bracket of any tournament. The roster currently boasts local professional players, national champions and All Americans from all levels of the lacrosse world. Bottom line: these guys can play 












NC State Games Champs 9X - ZImaGear Sunday Blues

CLC Masters

This group is our over 35 competitive guys we send to Lake Placid every year. The team is made up of former college players, all World, All Americans and Professionals who sometimes still do play for the ZimagGear team, but  would prefer playing against guys at least in their decade. Whether it be priorities in life as they mature or aching old bones, masters level is the ideal outlet to play the sport we love at a competitive level, but not against 25 year olds!

CLC Masters Team annually particpates in the Lake Placid tournament


 Just reach out to us and we'll let you know the upcoming opportunities to run around with us. If from there, you find it's something you want to be a part of and you are up to the level of competition, then you are invited to Join. We collect annual dues to get you the team gear and cover tournaments and league fees. Find out more, contact us now!